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A Summer To Remember - Be Wicked For A Week! Hedonism ll - it’s not just a vacation, it’s an addiction!!!

 July 10 - 18, 2020


Join It Still Squirts and China Large as they tie the knot!

Everyone who went on the July 2019 trip had a great time! Don't miss out and book now!

So what’s included? 

Your accommodations -  Prude or Nude, Garden View or Ocean View - Classic, or new Premium!

Giveaways - Embroidered ball cap, Tee shirt or Sarong, personalized name necklace, Sports bottle, Hash tag

All meals - 4 restaurants : Buffet, Chop house, Japanese and Italian. Beach grills, Lobster night

OPEN Bar! - Beer, Wine, Mixed drinks, Top shelf drinks, Frozen drinks, Shots

Water Sports - FREE SCUBA Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing, Wind Surfing, Kayaking, Glass Bottom Boat, Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Water Fun - 2 Beaches - One nude, One prude. 5 Pools - Nekkid or not, your choice. Jacuzzis - Hot, Cold, Hidden. Pool Volleyball

Adult Fun! No children allowed! - Swim up bar, Disco, Piano Bar, Play Room, Pool Tables, Giant Chess, Theme Nights, Contests, Games, Entertainment Coordinators, Nightly Shows and Entertainment

Sports - Tennis, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Fully equipped Fitness Center, Water Aerobics, Bocce Ball

Relaxation - Lounge chairs, floats, hammocks, sauna, steam room. On site spa - optional massages

Theme Nights - Lingerie, Naughty schoolgirl / schoolboy, Glow Night, Glitter and Gold, Toga, and more to be announced!

Private Events - Welcome Vodka Slushie party, Cock-n-Tail party with prizes, Pool Deck Parties with VJ/DJ, Live Band performance, Optional Nude/Lewd Pirate Cruise, and Beach bonfire with Chinese Lantern launch!

Special Perks - Professional Body Painter. Red Bull, Patron Tequila, and flavored vodka for our group only.

The "One Love Pub Crawl" - this is a very popular and fun outing! Hashers and friends join Lembert and his Jamaican party bus for a pub crawl throughout Negril!

And, of course, Hash Activities! -  On and Off-site Hedo Hash Trails,  Red Dress Run, Room Crawl, Erotic Gift Exchange, Beer Mile Relay, Tippy Cup, Visit to Forbidden Island, Hasher Pub Crawl in Negril, Craft Beer Tasting Social, and more..!

Don't just take my word for it!

"This is a DO NOT MISS event...start saving $$$ now!" - Fux Capacitor, Ft. Lauderdale H3

"The best thing about Hedo was hanging out and meeting a lot of really great people! It was an amazing time!" - Steers Queers, Jacksonville H3

"Pub crawl was the best event! I loved the friendly environment and meeting new friends. I had an amazing time!" - Tit Mitt

"Pub crawl!! Meeting amazing people that we will be friends with forever. On on! - It Still Squirts, Tampa Bay H3

“This trip was a great experience.  All the activities were great, and I especially appreciate all the effort everyone put in.  Of course I loved everything and felt so welcome with you all.  I can see this trip becoming a yearly tradition, and look forward to being back next year.” – D. D.

“Thanks for all your hard work. I’ve already booked.” – Full Metal Jacket

“It was great to see so many repeat offenders and new faces within H2H3 this year!  If you had a great time, tell your friends…let’s grow to 50+ next year!” – Tit Tack Smuggler, Mountain Beers H3

“It was my first time at Hedo but you all made me feel part of your hash family from the start. I have only great things to say to the kennel back  home.” – Stunt Boobs, Hogtown H3

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OK, I'm sold! So what's the cost, and how do I book?

The price, per person, per night, starts at $217 (for Garden view) or at $257 (for Ocean view). The rooms differ in location, some are oceanfront, and some have private Jacuzzis.

This price includes your room, food, all drinks, activities, taxes, tips, as well as everything stated above.

Cost does not include airfare. There is a $50 per person charge for transportation to and from Montego Bay airport (approx. 1 hour and change) Or splurge and fly TimAir for the 15-minute hop from Montego Bay to the airstrip in Negril, right next to the resort.

The "One Love Pub Crawl" is a "pay-as-you-go" event. The bus ride is free, but Lembert works for tips. Buy as much - or as little - beer as you want on the pub crawl.  

Hedo II H3 patches will be available for sale at Hedo!!

Our Hash group travels as a sub-group of the Fluffernutters. Last year we had over 300 people join us on this amazing, fun Hash adventure vacation!!

Prices are based on double occupancy. If you are single but want your own room, you can pay 50% more to guarantee your own room. 

If you are single,   but would like a roommate, please contact Kiddie to let her know so she can help you find a roommate.

Contact Kiddie for Hasher information, and any questions about Hedonism II. Once you book, you will also have access to the exclusive 'members only' Fluffernutter forums and our exclusive Hedo II H3 Facebook page!

To book, click on the "Book Now" button  below to start the booking process. There you will also find the latest rates and room availability.

Book now!

Who's coming!

  1. It Still Squirts - Weeki Wachee, FL
  2. China Large - Weeki Wachee, FL
  3. Kiddie - Tampa, FL
  4. Chippendale - Orlando, FL
  5. Fux Capacitor - Pompano Beach, FL
  6. The Pikkle Maker - Pompano Beach, FL
  7. Spitty Spitty Gang Bang - Long Beach, CA
  8. Timmay! - Melbourne, FL
  9. Unicorn Candy - Chicago, IL
  10. Quarter Pound Her - Chicago, IL
  11. Erectional Officer - Forney, TX
  12. Red Rocket - Philadelphia, PA
  13. On Ahead - Tampa, FL
  14. Chum Rag - Denver, CO
  15. Dances With Dildos - Tampa, FL
  16. Squrtle - Tampa, FL
  17. Helen Smeller - Melbourne, FL
  18. Where's Balldo - Tampa, FL
  19. ICP - Tampa, FL
  20. Sixty Sex - Knoxville, TN
  21. Wax On Whacks Off - Knoxville, TN
  22. Steers Queers - Jacksonville, FL
  23. Limp Dick - Jacksonville, FL
  24. Just Candace - Frankfort, KY
  25. Oinky Boinky - Ottawa, ON
  26. Peterphile - Tampa, FL
  27. Lana's Gotta Eat - Tampa, FL
  28. Smack & Quiver - Tampa, FL
  29. Come Fly The Furry Skies - Tampa, FL
  30. Pre-teen Spirit - Jacksonville, FL
  31. Dancing Tits - Knoxville, TN
  32. Just Anne - Knoxville, TN
  33. Tie Me Down Dick - Tampa, FL
  34. Osama bin Hashing - Washington DC
  35. Spanks For Cumming - Charlotte, NC
  36. Puddles - Manchester, NH
  37. Puddle Jumper - Manchester, NH
  38. Waayyy Beyond Gay - Daytona Beach, FL
  39. Zamboneher - Tampa, FL
  40. BOGO - Tampa, FL
  41. Shitter Splitter - Long Beach, CA
  42. Eager Beaver - Long Beach, CA
  43. Perfect 10 - Long Beach, CA
  44. Spankin' Private Ryan - Long Beach, CA
  45. JAG - Gainesville, FL
  46. Rock Paper Sexher - Gainesville, FL
  47. Kanger-Oops - Washington, DC
  48. Oxymoron - Tampa, FL
  49. Just Angie - Tampa, FL
  50. <---- This could be you!!!!